Christmas in Italy |

Christmas in Italy

With the holiday season starting, every store and every TV commercial is trying to sell you something to make you a bit happier. Here in Italy where the Vatican rules, Christmas is everywhere, along with Santas two favorite treats- Panettone and Pan d'oro.
This 500 year old treat is sometimes compared to our fruit cake, but the original panettone is loved her by all of Italy. Big and fluffy, filled with candied fruit and raisins, it is sliced up and served as desert or breakfast.. if there are any leftovers. In recent times this Milanese treat can be covered in chocolate or stuffed with cream.
The pan d'oro or 'golden bread' is my personal choice for christmas... light, airy and sprinkled with vanilla sugar. Simliar in shape to the panettone and even created about an hour or so away in Verona, this buttery, calorie packed favorite can seem in someway a tree covered in snow... with a much better taste!
To go along with the holiday spirit, open a bottle of Moscato d'Asti. This classic, sweet sparkling wine goes great with both of these deserts and is enough in alcohol that you'll still be able to drive home after your holiday party! Happy Holidays!


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