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From the Monti- Lessini region in the Veneto comes the newest heavyweight- Durello Champagne style!! ok, for sure it definatly falls under the lightweight division, but this sparkling white is in for the long hall.
Why vintners don't look into different ways of treating grapes more often is something I'll never know. The dry Durello wine (translated as 'hard' in Italian) was nothing but a bland, pungent table wine, shipped off usually to Germany. The harsh acidity and thick tough skin of the grape left little hope for the future of this grape. But with a little hope and imagination something magical was created. Because of the high acidity, Durello is perfect to resist the cooling months and can be left longer on the vines way after most grapes have been picked. This results in a sweeter, less aggressive wine. Acidity is also the key player that the three grapes in Champagne can't compete with.
For sure this wine is unlike any other. Its perfumes are incredibly intense and the floreal (rose and daisy) and fruit (grapefruit and pear) really come through. Full-bodied and well-rounded, Durello makes to be a great wine to pair food with. Its strength and character allow us to combine it with veal and chicken dishes, not just seafood like other bubblies. It can be aged in barrel before carbonation giving a vanilla and toasty caramel kick, to be drank with biscotti or other dry deserts. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of newest trendsetters.




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