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Some people love it, some know nothing about the stuff, and from not knowing comes fear and labels. Wine snob. To be quite honest I dont consider myself a snob, I love the stuff so therefor love talking and drinking it. I worked hard, studied A LOT, and being a sommelier has become part of my personna. But snob? I beg to differ.
Besides the fact the America doesnt have the wine culture as lets say France, I dont think we are doing too bad in trying to keep up with the big boys on making great wine. But for some reason, the love of wine remains something to be drank mainly on the east and west coats. Beer is still our national drink, with alcoholic mixers close behind. But why? For most of Europe a glass of wine with dinner is normal, while for us it can almost be taboo. We see the stuff more often on menus at restaurants, but are still afraid to order a bottle or try types we may never have heard of.
Diversity is what has made America what it is today. Different people brought with them to the states their cultures and food, giving us an insane array of dinner choices whenever we want. Why can't this work with wine? Like trying the new Indian restaurant down the street, why not stop at the local liquor store and pick a bottle or riesling to go with it?
Fear of the unknown has always made people uneasy and has lead to unessesary bullying. I say join in! Pick up a glass of wine, who knows you might like it!


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