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News from Zagat

There was both good and bad news to emerge from Zagat’s latest restaurants survey. The so called ‘burgundy bible’ from Zagat includes opinions from over 145,000 customers across the US.
The diners, who are defying economic conditions and are still eating out, say that they are finding better deals at restaurants. In fact, 40% now feel more appreciated by their local eatery, with 31% enjoying the ease of making a reservation and another 22% are impressed with better levels of service, there are certainly some positives coming from the survey.
But across the country the percentage of meals from both take outs and restaurants has dropped by 2%. The average number of restaurant meals sold per person per week is now 3.2 from 3.3. People are changing their eating habits with 43% saying that they now eat out less; another 22% are not ordering either appetizers and/or desserts while 19% are slashing their intake of alcohol. But there are still 26% of surveyors who are unconcerned by the economy and continue with their usual dining habits.
Across the board the average cost per meal is up 1.2% from last year at $34.62, while amongst the more expensive restaurants the price has only risen by 0.49% to $76.37. Austin is the cheapest place to eat and Las Vegas remains as the most costly to the pocket.
The survey asked about favored cuisines and Italian came out on top with 27%. This was followed by American food (16%), Japanese and French drew in third place with 11%, Mexican cuisine came in fourth with 10% and Thai received 8% of the votes.
In spite of economic conditions 61% of diners are still willing to pay a higher price for ‘green’ products on the menu which is 5% up on last year. Healthy eating is prominent in 69% of the surveyor’s minds who say they would choose low-carb and low-fat options from the menu, while 65% believe that trans fats should be banned from restaurants altogether.
Below are the establishments with the most votes per category across the country:-


Atlanta - Sam & Dave's

Boston - East Coast Grill

Chicago - Smoque

Hawaii - Scotty's BBQ

Las Vegas - Lucille's

Long Island - Smokin' Al's BBQ

Los Angeles - Phillips BBQ

New Jersey - GRUB Hut

New York - Fette Sau

New Orleans - Joint

Philadelphia - Bomb Bomb BBQ

San Francisco - Buckeye Roadhouse

Seattle - Pecos Pit BBQ

Washington D.C. - Urban Bar-B-Que Company

Westchester/Hudson Valley - Big W's


Atlanta - Vortex B&G

Boston - Mr. Bartley's

Chicago - Wiener's Circle

Hawaii - Duane Ono's

Las Vegas - In-N-Out

Long Island - George Martin Grill

Los Angeles - In-N-Out

New Jersey - Five Guys

New York - burger joint

New Orleans - Port of Call

Philadelphia - Rouge

San Francisco - In-N-Out

Seattle - Red Mill Burgers

Washington D.C. - Matchbox

Westchester/Hudson Valley - Blazer Pub


Atlanta - Cameli's Pizza

Boston - Galleria Umberto

Chicago - Spacca Napoli

Hawaii - Brick Oven

Las Vegas - Metro Pizza

Long Island - Massa's

Los Angeles - Pizzeria Mozza

New Jersey - DeLorenzo's Pies

New York - Di Fara

New Orleans - Theo's

Philadelphia - Osteria

San Francisco - Cheese Board Collective

Seattle - Serious Pie

Washington D.C. - Pasta Plus

Westchester/Hudson Valley - Johnny's


Atlanta - Chopstix

Boston - Sichuan Gourmet

Chicago - Lao

Hawaii - Kirin

Las Vegas - Wing Lei

Long Island - Orient

Los Angeles - Din Tai Fung

New Jersey - Hunan Taste

New York - Philippe

New Orleans - Royal China

Philadelphia - San Kee Duck House

San Francisco - Yank Sing

Seattle - Szechuan Chef

Washington D.C. - Peking Gourmet

Westchester/Hudson Valley - Aberdeen


Atlanta - Tamarind Seed

Boston - Brown Sugar / Similans

Chicago - Arun's

Hawaii - Mekong Thai

Las Vegas - Lotus of Siam

Long Island - Siam Lotus

Los Angeles - Jitlada

New Jersey - Origin

New York - Sripraphai

New Orleans - La Thai

Philadelphia - Nan

San Francisco - Manora's Thai

Seattle - Thai Tom

Washington D.C. - Thai Square

Westchester/Hudson Valley - Bangkok Spice


Atlanta - MF Sushibar

Boston - o ya

Chicago - sushi wabi

Hawaii - Sushi Sasabune

Las Vegas - Nobu

Long Island - Aji 53

Los Angeles - Urasawa

New Jersey - Ajihei

New York - Sasabune

New Orleans - Sushi Brothers

Philadelphia - Bluefin

San Francisco - Kiss Seafood

Seattle - Kisaku Sushi

Washington D.C. - Makoto

Westchester/Hudson Valley - Sushi Nanase
Photos courtesy of Zagat and flickr Leo Reynolds, interfolio.


gwvoe001 • 11/01/2009
Salut in Minneapolis, MN makes a great burger and so does Buster's.
ajschere001 • 11/03/2009
Fette Sauover smoked, never heard of sweet tea. sorry
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