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"The Classiest Butter Chicken on Earth"

A new food delivery service has opened up in Hyderabad, India, the menu consists of just the one dish and ordering this will set you back $130.00.
It’s marketed as ‘The Classiest Butter Chicken on Earth’ and the recipe for this so called Anaarkali chicken has taken 8 years to develop by the owner Iran Bharat Saxena. Following the departure of Mr Saxena’s favorite chef from his local restaurant, along with the departure of his butter chicken recipe that went with him, led Mr Saxena to develop his own version. Experimentation eventually culminated in him using the very best ingredients available whereby he found that he had created a far superior dish. The ingredients comprise of

• Danish unsalted Lurpak butter

• Evian mineral water,

• Dabur Real Honey,

• Hunt’s tomato paste,

• Taj Mahal saffron,

• Filippo Berio olive oil,

• President whipping cream,

• Kraft Parmesan cheese,

• Nestle natural yoghurt

• Godrej Real Good Chicken (the number one brand in India).

Mr Saxena also sources the freshest handpicked tomatoes and other vegetables.
Customers can only order the dish online and 24 hours in advance, before the meal is delivered to their door – cold. So remembering the price tag, together with these other seemingly problematic stumbling blocks, raises the question of why is this service now about to be unveiled in both Delhi and Mumbai? And be so eagerly awaited.
Anaarkali chicken even has its own Facebook page with 725 fans all praising this butter chicken dish. But they are not only praising the food they are also praising the packaging with comments like “The packing was sooooo cool didn’t feel like opening it”. The meal arrives in a cardboard box, opening it up reveals a designer dish packed in a glass container with a pyramid shaped lid. The butter chicken itself comes with a garnish of black olives and coriander and a sprinkling of edible silver and gold for the added wow factor.
So perhaps using the best ingredients has elevated the taste of Anaarkali chicken to heights that price and ordering difficulties can overcome and we must remember the $130.00 meal does serve two.
Photos courtesy of anaarkali.in


bclarke001 • 10/19/2009
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