Boxed Wines—Not Just For College Anymore |

Boxed Wines—Not Just For College Anymore

A favorite of cash-strapped students everywhere, boxed wines have never earned much respect. Many serious wine-drinkers wouldn’t venture a sip of the biggest sellers, like the sorority staple Franzia, if their lives depended on it.
But boxed wines have only gotten better—and some of the newer varieties on the market are easily on par with their bottled competitors. And as customers begin to realize the quality and value to be had, sales of three-liter boxed wines are growing more quickly than any other corner of the market. Though many producers prefer the term “cask wine”—trying to distinguish themselves from boxed wines of the past—their packaging methods are just the same. When enclosed in sealed bags within cardboard cartons, boxed wines can keep for up to a month, once opened, without oxiding. And with lighter, cheaper packaging, the wine ends up costing less per glass than a comparable bottled wine.

How good are these wines? Corbett Canyon’s Premium Cask Merlot appeared at the San Francisco Chronicle's Wine Competition, the biggest wine show in the nation, and took away the prize for the best merlot of its price range. David Wondrich notes the quality of many new cask wines and recommends a 2005 Cuvée de Peña, $30 per box—suggesting that consumers seek out French boxed wines, rather than a Zinfandel or Shiraz. And according to Bloomberg News, Italian wines can now be sold in boxes without losing their DOC designation—which may mean even more cask wine possibilities in the future.


kdelavillefromoy001 • 06/01/2009
We have been calling them Cask Wines for a longtime in Oz(Australia) and they are great drinking in general.So lash out and check them out, you could well be surprised.Another thing that is big here is" Clean Skins" another way of selling wines.Simple labeling on bottles that tell you state and variety and nothing more.These wines sometimes come from very good vineyards and you can pick them up from 5 to 9 dollars. Makes it fun to check out a bunch then come back quickly to the store and buy a case or two before everyone else finds out about them. Cheers from Oz
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