This ain't no food demo... |

This ain't no food demo...

Same old story – we all love food, right? So some of us went on to cook. And others manage restaurants. Many of us can now say we write about food. Others, like me, go on to study food at programs like New York University’s Food Studies.

Boston University also has a graduate Gastronomy Program, as does The University of Adelaide in Australia. Indiana University Bloomington has added a PhD program in the anthropology of food. But if you’re not ready to commit to a seven, five, or even a two-year program, there’s an alternative.
There is one big caveat – you have to be in New York, even if it’s for one day, this coming fall.

So if you already live in there or know you’ll be in town, The New School is offering Food Studies courses for both credit and non-credit, which means…it’s open to everyone! And these aren't cooking classes, my friends. Some of the courses are The Science Food, Flavors, and Farming, Topics in Food Policy: The Global Food Crisis, Food, The Literary Imagination, and MFK Fisher: Poet of the Appetites.

And for the entrepreneur hearted, there are classes for you guys as well, one-day courses such as Professional Food Writing, How to Get a Cookbook Published, and Launching and Marketing Your Food Product.

Hungry for more?

It’s a sheer sign that education about food has evolved beyond cooking demonstrations and food-handling certifications to place food at the locus of social, political, and literary analysis. Now that’s yummy!


tournantrasheeed • 11/17/2008
when and where in the city will it be
bclarke001 • 02/21/2009
May we have some more, please?
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