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Gourmet Gonad

To the trained chef, few ingredients are off the table. Pig’s ears? Of course. Offal? Not a problem. Testicles?

That one might give you some pause.

But the testosterone-rich organs have a long culinary history, and Serbian chef Ljubomir Erovic has just released the world’s first testicle cookbook—called, appropriately enough, Cooking With Balls. Released online as an e-book this week, the cookbook has attracted a great deal of attention from chefs and non-chefs alike.
Despite its irreverent title, however, Cooking With Balls is no joke. Author Erovic has specialized in testicular cuisine for more than 20 years, and organizes the World Testicle Cooking Championship in Serbia every year. His cookbook includes gonads from pigs, turkeys, and even ostriches—all of which have a unique texture and flavor. “The tastiest testicles,” he tells the Daily Mail, “probably come from bulls, stallions, or ostriches.” Sheep and stallion, however, are the highest in testosterone—and therefore, he claims, aphrodisiac properties.
The consumption of these organs is hardly unknown in the United States. “Lamb Fries” marinate the organs in herb-infused vinegar before a quick pan-fry, while “Rocky Mountain Oysters” batter them up and toss them straight into the deep-fryer, a preparation that's enjoyed in many parts of the Plains and the South. But Erovic goes far beyond the frying pan to prepare testicle pizza, barbequed testicles, and testicle goulash. The e-book offers important tips on technique, such as the importance of thoroughly soaking the gonads before cooking, as well as embedded videos so you can watch Erovic skin the organs himself. Try not to wince.


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