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Food Matters, a film about the importance of food and nutrition versus the overblown and over-exercised authority awarded the medical profession in preventing and treating disease, is a compelling and educational work, the spirit of which is less bitter than this opening sentence. By this I mean that none of the nutritional advocates put direct blame on the medical profession or paint doctors as evil devils, rather they point the finger at the system in general (and well, mainly the business of pharmaceuticals) while encouraging people to be proactive in taking care of their own health.

The film presents a somewhat chronological perspective, quoting Hippocrates and his basic premise that as human beings, we’re all equipped with an innate ability to heal ourselves. Then--a flash on the state of health and healing today, when heart disease and cancer are the top 2 U.S. killers and the business of prescription drugs dictates the flow of information and money.

In order to take charge of our health, the consensus is that we need to eat 51% raw foods at each meal (don’t wince--it may be much easier than you think), eat organic and practice detoxification. Basically, eat healthfully and make sure that the body is able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients. Apparently at this point, we’re only taking in about 40% of the nutrients we need. While this sounds like stuff you already know, these experts supply some effective statistics and provide concrete steps to take towards increasing health, and never stray too far from a dinner table conversation demeanor. I always appreciate a lack of condescension.

They also address questions of “How healthy is the healthy food in the store?” when on average it travels 1500-2000 miles and is at least 5-7 days old when you see it? And what about the depleted soil that it comes from, and potentially genetically modified crops? Thus the general and succinct advice to eat organic (farmers markets and community supported agriculture programs are ideal) and to detox the body to move the garbage and chemicals out to make room for the nutrients. Makes sense.

Sprinkled with high school health class films from the '50s, Food Matters is definitely a good film to inspire us to educate ourselves about what goes into us and what matters--our health.
Food Matters released June 2008 by Permacology Productions. Producers: James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch. Running time 80 minutes. See official website at


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