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Molecular Fried Oatmeal Cookies

Across the pond, the Brits are famous for taking delight in a breakfast bowl of porridge. Stewed lumpy and gray, much like winter skies, a food stuff which sticks to your ribs and suffices the early day.

Back stateside we suffer the great breakfast divide. North of the Mason-Dixon it is quite the norm to break fast with the same. Although in the South, a different grain takes preference to grits.
Steel cut oats are derived from an extremely laborious process which yields a grain resembling some sort of hamster feed. Tiny pellets almost all uniform in shape, when cooked properly, swell with liquid, yet remain al dente.


What to do in the lab when breakfast is finished and half a pot of cooked oatmeal is left?

Fried Oatmeal ‘Cookies’ (with a molecular gastro touch):

Oatmeal: start off by whisking the oats into 4:1 ratio of boiling water with a teaspoon of salt. Turn down the heat when incorporated to simmer down. A home style electric rice cooker works well for this. About 25–30 minutes is what it takes to properly prepare. When the grains have swollen noticeably, finish with a cup of evaporated milk and a pat of butter. 2% by weight of Methylcellulose is added to form a gel. Spread out to cool in a thin layer on a sheet pan lined with plastic wrap.

When cooled, peel off the sheet and cut into desired shapes and sizes. Fry this mixture in butter until crispy. Top with Demerara sugar, and torch to brulee.

Clotted Cream: the same affect is achieved by whipping air into mascarpone cheese. (Powdered egg whites or Versawhip aide in this process.) Season with a touch of sugar to take off the edge, the oatmeal is sweet enough. Micro plane a cinnamon stick in to taste.

Raisins: reconstitute golden raisins in Verjus, toss in sugar to dry, and dehydrate again. The result is sort of like raisins on steroids.

Breakfast of Champions: When this dish is assembled and eaten, the result is heavenly! The memory of oatmeal breakfast is ever present, along with the Oatmeal Cookie affect. Frying in butter creates a crispy exterior, the Methylcell helps to keep the center creamy not runny. To brulee adds the ethereal note reminiscent of brown sugar stirred in your bowl of porridge. The mascarpone cheese parlays the fattiness across your palate, and a cinnamon sting on the finish. And what’s a bowl of oatmeal without raisins? This version seems to have more pop. Akin to those movie candies which were toothsome, yet squirted out the center filling.

Early morning divinity achieved...


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