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Andrew Zimmern's Super Bowl Menu

What does a man who makes his living eating fermented fish heads, maggot pupae and the still beating heart of a cobra eat when he is off duty. Well Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern says that when he is home it's "meat and potatoes." Nothing strange or bizzare. "Well, I mean, define strange and bizarre" he modifies. "I mean the issue that I have in my house is that, I mean, my friends at some farm somewhere will send me a pig’s head and I’ll throw it on the barbeque and roast it. And we’ll sit there and pick all the meat off of it and my son rolls them into tortillas and makes little tacos. And I dip them in spicy mustard and my wife, you know, wants me to cut out the cheeks and put it for her on her plate so that it looks like what she calls normal food." He pauses to ponder. "You know, I mean, you know, we sautee calves liver in our house with onions and vinegar. Some people will think that’s strange. We eat sweet breads. We, you know, I mean, eat game birds and stuff like that. "

Neither pig's head nor pupae will be making an appearance at the Zimmern house for Super Bowl this year. His game day menu includes lot's of small bites inspired by recipes he collected across the U.S for a bit of melting pot Americana, including One Pot Chinese Chicken Wings with Master Sauce, Marinovannye Griby (Pickled Mushrooms), New Orleans-style BBQ Shrimp, Black Bean Spareribs with Green Onion, and Crispy crab spring rolls.


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