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Green Almonds

What are green almonds? - They are the fuzzy young versions of the hard-shelled brown almonds that we all know. The taste is "green", fresh and fruit-like and they have a jelly type consistency. They're little Spring treats that are crunchy, a tiny bit tart and just like wild ramps, they come and go very quickly.
Unlike their older counterparts, you can eat green almonds whole - shell and all. Freshness is key here and they need to be eaten or used quickly before the outer shell turns hard and bitter tasting. But if that happens, you can still open them and eat the almond inside. You'll most likely find them at farmer's markets and specialty food stores.

Eat them simply sprinkled with sea salt or chopped and added to a salad. Green almonds are also great pickled. Check out this unique and tasty appetizer recipe we have for you to try.


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