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Better Be Careful When You Call Out Bad Customer Behavior

If you've worked in restaurants then you've dealt with bad customers. How you deal with them says a lot about both your business and your personality, and even your problem solving abilities. Some owners roll the dice with unapologetic confrontation while others never waiver from "the customer is always right" approach. Now, if you're going for the unapologetic confrontation, make sure you're confronting the right customer.
A little over a week ago, Bimbo's Cantina waitron Victoria Liss waited on a special kind of asshole customer. After leaving zero gratuity, he jotted down "P.S. You could stand to loose a few pounds" at the bottom of the receipt. Understandably angered by such gross behavior, the Seattle based waitress went on Facebook and called out the Andrew Meyer she believed had left the nasty receipt.

Well, it turns out the Andrew Meyer she went after on Facebook lives in Texas and has never been to Bimbo's Cantina. Nonetheless, he started getting hate mail around the clock, taking blame for someone else's disgusting behavior.

Victoria has since closed her Facebook account off from public view. Her apology: "So sorry to the wrong guy, everyone please just drop it?"
Source: NPR


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