Bols to the Wall: The Chronicles of Harvey Wallbanger |

Bols to the Wall: The Chronicles of Harvey Wallbanger

In honor of National Harvey Wallbanger Day, here is a little video tribute to the classic cocktail. BOLS TO THE WALL: The Chronicles of Harvey Wallbanger, from Galliano L’Autentico. The flick naturally stars Harvey Wallbanger and captures the rise, fall, and resurrection of one of pop and drink culture’s best-known tipplers.

The semi-classic cocktail of vodka, Galliano and orange juice was a popular drink throughout the 1970s. As the story goes. the drink got it's moniker from a Manhattan Beach, CA surfing star who had a few too many one night after losing a surfing competition. His inability to leave the bar without crashing into walls earned him the nickname that inspired the drink.

In order to celebrate the day properly, Galliano, together with bartenders from around the US, has planned events across the country. THings kicked of last night in New Orleans, and continue on through tonight. Check the list below for an event near you. And in case you want to celebrate on your own,we've included the recipe for the original

November 8th | Throwback Wallbanging Party
7 p.m.-10 p.m. Pacific at Mini Bar

November 8th | Wallbanging Bar Crawl
Beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific at Hattie’s Hat

November 8th | Wallbanging Party
Beginning at 2 p.m. Central at newly-opened Rockford Cocktail Den

November 8th | Wallbanging Party
Beginning at 6 p.m. Pacific at Casa De Paradiso
Photo by Nico Kaiser
The Original Harvey Wallbanger:

· Long drink glass

· 1 ¼ oz vodka
· ½ oz Galliano
· 4 oz orange juice

Build ingredients in a glass filled with ice cubes and stir. Garnish with orange slice


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