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Professional Advice

Where better to turn for advice in the kitchen than those who work there every day? Over at MonkeyDish they compile suggestions, tips, and general words of wisdom from the kitchen.

The Cooking District's Lisa Brefere was just quoted over there for her advice for using spices to treat cuts & burns:

"Even the most experienced chefs sometimes cut their fingers with kitchen knives. Direct pressure, antibiotic cream and bandaging with gauze are the traditional way to stop the bleeding. But I've found that applying cayenne pepper or paprika to a cut also works. Both are natural coagulators and contain antibodies that prevent infection. And one of my cooks who cut his finger stuck it in a cup of kosher salt. He proceeded to squeal with pain but told me it healed faster with no infection"

Head over to the list to read the whole compilation of hints, pointers, and recommendations.


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