January 19, 2013 | CookingDistrict.com

January 19, 2013

Yankee Magazine looks at efforts to save the commercial fishing industry here through a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Brazil Announces Audit To Curb BSE Fears in Beef Magazine.

Meatpaper talks to Kenny Belov about seafood sustainability.

A look at the pioneers of Chilean wine cheese in culture:the word on cheese.

Acquired Taste serves up some gorgeous gourmet gluttony.

Culatello di Zibello in the Art of Eating.

Put An Egg On It looks at homemade marshmallows.

We are what we eat in Gastronomica.

News you can use. Gizmodo wonders if you really get drunk more quickly at high altitude.

The Financial Times gets the details on April Bloomfield's New York weekends.

A debate on culinary authenticity at Nation's Restaurant News.

The Los Angeles Times looks at Local Food Lab's business start-up program.

Fergus Henderson talks to Civilian about architecture, travel, eating cobra, his love of inflight chocolate mousse and the secret to a good flight — gin.

The Atlantic looks at American beverage habits: soft drinks have peaked, while bottled water, energy drinks, and a considerable amount of premium alcohol are on the rise.

Quinoa brings riches and a rise in malnutrition to the Andes, in the Guardian.

The Wall Street Journal goes whole hog on vacation in the Texas Hill Country.

Ham smuggling advice in Saveur.

In the wake of the British supermarket horsemeat burger scandal, Epicurious looks at eating horsemeat on purpose.

Smithsonian looks at the glory that is barrel-aged hot sauce.

The Chicago Tribune announces that Peruvian super star chef Gaston Acurio will be opening Tanta in Chicago.

Francis Lam goes inside the Sun Noodle Factory for Bon Appetit.

Bee Wilson, author of Consider the Fork, talks to The Atlantic about the evolution of cutlery and our culinary habits.

The Telegraph looks at the global banana bread craze.


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