Making Your Own Butter with Andrew Little of Sheppard Mansion |

Making Your Own Butter with Andrew Little of Sheppard Mansion

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At Sheppard Mansion in Hanover, PA, Executive Chef Andrew Little serves up "Inspired Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine." Which he maintains is "as vibrant and sexy as other regional cuisines in the United States, which together, make up the very special American culinary landscape'. Little does indeed manage to make such local specialities as scrapple, savory whoopie pies and Schnitz un knepp sexy. Little’s expertise and dedication to cooking—not just by the seasons, but by the day— has garnered the Dining Room at Sheppard Mansion praise not only for the food it serves, but also for the innovative way in which it is prepared. "There’s no better way to get a sense of place than tasting the food made with ingredients sourced from that area," he explains. "That’s why our philosophy has always been ‘Eat Like You Live Here.’ We firmly believe that local is luxury." Little's dedication to local cuisine extends to the luxe and lush butter on the table and in the kitchen each night. He shared his butter making technique with us in this video and recipe. Get churning!

Hand Churned Butter
Makes approx. 2 pounds
1 half gallon farm fresh cream
2T Maldon sea salt, if making salted butter
1 butter churn
1 marble slab, chilled

Pour the cream into the butter churn and begin slowly turning the handle. Continue churning cream until the buttermilk breaks away from the butter. You will know this has happened when the churn becomes very difficult to crank and the thick liquid appears to have become thin. This step will take about 15 minutes.

Strain the butter through a china cap and reserve the buttermilk for another use. Rinse the butter under very cold water until the rinse water is crystal clear. At this point, move the butter to the marble slab and knead the excess clear moisture out of the butter. This usually takes about 10 minutes. Once the excess moisture is removed from the butter, sprinkle the sea salt evenly over the butter and knead to fully incorporate.

Your butter is now finished! Enjoy on warm, crusty bread!


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