Moving Towards Moderation: Why We Crave Fatty & Salty Foods |

Moving Towards Moderation: Why We Crave Fatty & Salty Foods

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There is nothing like the crunch of a fresh fried potato chip or the lingering salt of peanuts covered in your favorite chocolate, or the satisfaction of digging in to that golden brown Southern fried chicken. You just can’t live without those tempting morsels of goodness … Or can you ?

So why do we crave Fat? French fries, onion rings, donuts, and everything else that comes out of a deep-fryer. Corn chips, potato chips, Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, Tostitos, and all the other oil-soaked, salt-coated starches as well as cheese, mayonnaise, and rich creamy sauces. The list goes on, and on.

This affinity for fat is not by chance, it is part of our genetic make up. When we eat fat we release chemicals in our brains that actually make us go back for that one more chip, French fry or donut.
These chemicals were important in the evolutionary history of mammals. Fats are crucial to survival, and they were once hard to come by in the mammalian diet. But now that we are not hunting and gathering in the Stone Age and instead living in a world where a convenience store full of junk food sits on every corner, our evolutionary instincts to consume lots of fat easily backfires. But breaking that cycle takes more then just will power, it takes “trick power”. We need to fool our bodies into thinking we are getting the fats we need for our evolutionary survival, which is really not needed to endure in today’s world.

Why do we crave Salt? Your body consists of over 60% water. Salt is one of the electrolytes that helps your body maintain an appropriate balance of fluids. You may find yourself craving salty foods when you are first dieting, because your body is accustomed to salt and basically misses those foods. You will need to be strong willed until you eventually lose the craving and not miss those over salty addicting foods. Another reason for salt cravings, could be that you are low in sodium levels and your body is begging you to replace what is lacking. When you are overweight from a high fat, salt diet the first reason is usually the case.

Joe was so conditioned to eat these foods that the thought of elimination was more then he could handle, restricting him over the past decade to seriously address his weight issue. So how did he overcome the fear of leaving his best friends, fried, fatty crispy and salty foods? Well, you cannot totally leave those characteristic and textures of our favorite foods. We need to be satisfied when we finish eating, or we set ourselves up for failure before we start the process. Joe is very satisfied with the program he developed for himself and we can only hope that many others are learning from his experience, his knowledge of food and his dedication to getting back in shape.

These are some food combinations Joe eats to get the satisfaction he needs while continuing the quest to lose the pounds that have monopolized his health for years.

Canned Sardines
Big bold flavor (very rewarding for someone dieting for an extended period)
Full of nutrients
High in Omega 3 fish oil
Antioxidant properties that enhance physical performance
Satisfies his salt craving
Portion controlled, 3 boneless skinless filets per can- so you can finish what is there

great flavor and salt
5 of any kind 45 calories

Beef or Turkey Jerky
Very flavorful
Low in calories from fat
Good source of fiber
Buy brands low in sodium and no MSG

Popcorn (air popped or microwaved) lightly salted
Only around 100 calories (per 3 cups)
Only 2% fat
High in fiber
Leaves you feeling full

Chick Peas
Roasted with salt, chili powder or Cajun seasoned with a touch of olive oil

Baked Kale Chips
Spray with olive oil, granulated garlic and lightly salt and bale until crispy

Almonds- handful
Tasty source of fiber
High in vitamin E
23 whole almonds = 160 calories
contains monosaturated fat

CRUNCHY Mostly / Some fat- Some salt
Fresh frozen fruit
Grapes, bananas, strawberries and blueberries
Keep them in your freezer all seasons

¼ cup with celery or carrot sticks
80 calories

Whole wheat toast ½ slice -nice crunch
½ tsp olive oil
1 tsp. Greek yogurt
3 tsp diced tomato
Topped with a little garlic and basil
80 calories

Apples- Slices
¼ cup sliced with 2 Tbls Low fat cottage cheese
80 calories

Apples slices or celery sticks
with any nut butter –peanut, almond, cashew

Micro Cucumber sticks (eaten cold=very crunchy)
Cracked fresh black pepper
Roasted pepper hummus, green goddess or bean dips

Fresh veggies cut up in the fridge
Carrot, celery, radishes, colorful peppers cucumber
Radishes have a nice peppery flavor
Have them cut, sitting in water to create an extra crispy sensation

Joe's Progress, Week 6:


yeslena • 05/15/2012
Thanks for the snack tips Lisa. I am definitely going to try the kale chips
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