Carrots with Chocolate Bock |

Carrots with Chocolate Bock

Carrots with Chocolate Bock by Chef Ken Oringer

2lbs rainbow carrot
Buttermilk vinaigrette
1/2C buttermilk
1C yogurt
1tsp curry powder
5 sprig dill chopped
lemon juice and salt to taste
Mix ingredients in a bowl until smooth

Roast the carrots in 4 oz brown butter with 8 sage leaves, 1 sprig rosemary, 2 sprig thyme and 1 bay leaf.  Continue basting with butter until carrots become tender. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in 3 oz chocolate bock, cook until glazed and reserve.  Put carrots platter, drizzle with Buttermilk vinaigrette and dollops of harrissa or sriracha. Garnish with orange zest, sea salt, chives and mint. 


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