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With the final season Mad Men kicking off tonight, it's the perfect time to revisit the classic and venerable highball, a simple concoction of spirits and mixers, like tonic water, ginger ale or club soda. Given that both components have received dramatic quality and flavor upgrades in recent years, the timing could not be better for these no-fail, All-American libations.

Mixologist Lucinda Sterling of New York City's Middle Branch has created eight “improved” highball cocktails with California’s Hangar 1 Vodka and Colorado’s TINCUP Whiskey. Each of these drinks has a modern twist that takes it to a new level of sophistication. Taking cues from international tipplers who made have the highball their own, they also feature coconut water and green tea, which are popular mixers in Brazil and Asia, respectively. These crowd-pleasing libations are refreshing and simple to prepare, making them perfect for your viewing party tonight.


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