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We Need Your Help with Our Prep List

It's a New Year and we here at the Cooking District have some big stuff on the horizon. As we outline our project list for 2012, we wanted to reach out to our members for feedback and guidance with what will help you out the most. What will help you cook better? What resources are you still lacking? Recipes? Inspiration? Technical knowledge?

We're particularly excited to announce that we'll be creating mobile apps this year, and welcome your feedback in this department as well. Do you use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet device in the kitchen? Do you take photos of your food? What's an Android anyway?

All joking aside, we're excited to jump into the culinary mobile app world. If you have ideas of what you'd like to see in an app, let us know in the comments below. Portion calculators? Sous vide temp charts? Animal fabrication guides? Share your ideas and we'll see what we can do to help. As a little extra incentive, if we run with one of your app ideas we'll mail a special thank you gift from the Mercer Cutlery store. So let us know how we can help!


bmprovince • 01/04/2012
a list of imperial to metric conversions for baking ingredients...ie 1c ap flour is 130g...to help streamline recipies...
whooper001 • 01/04/2012
I'd love to get a food cost calculator. As you add ingredients to your "dish", it adds up the food cost, and shows the suggested price.
pbarnes • 01/04/2012
Some lists of substitutions for ingredients one might not have at the moment and don't have time to run to the market?
jpollard • 01/04/2012
how a bout an app that helps with food costing weights an measurements an tempature's for all meats and some basic culinary knowledge i have a similar app on my current phone that I made an I feel its worth it I called it chef notes on the nokia platform through magmito app store for more info i can be reached at jscpollard@shaw.ca
ajschere001 • 01/04/2012
a conversion calculator would be great, how about a timer? I can't find a good one to work w/ my phone's software. What about the cooking district spanish talking dictionary?
jpollard • 01/04/2012
but i think the app it self would be awesome on all platforms not just android or apple
chefwatson28 • 01/04/2012
Here is the short list for a successful retail app: - Access to recipe database, filtered by "My Recipe" with scalability for ingredients- Search engine that will find manufacturers' coupons as delegated by my smart phone "location finder" (regionally specific) to download on the app, so that I may present the bar code at checkout. ROI for connecting with manufacturers to source coupons that align with recipe database. - Photo application, so that I can offer feedback on database recipes by presenting my pic or comment on the viability of the recipe. - Search-able recipes by ingredient and by cuisine- Upload Recipes for storage-- Job Searches in my area (for professionals)-- Used Kitchen Equipment in my area.
chefchrisday • 01/04/2012
I would certainly appreciate a sous vide temperature guide, as well as a recipe catalog where we could also upload recipes from our phones perhaps.
twright1 • 01/04/2012
A time flow chart when preparing multiple dishes. Something that will assist with having the meal "come together" at time of service. Basically a way of tracking each phase of the meal.
sscherer001 • 01/04/2012
A master list of ratios for for all, culinary and pastry in one place.
timforringer • 01/04/2012
I guess obviously the app would be connected directly to the website, and you would have full access.(you might have to leave out ordering merchandise from the app, could be risky, but debatable) I think it would be cool to have a location sharing capability to share if you ate at a certain restaurant, or show where you are working/cooking/having fun. it would be great to be able post pictures along with the location sharing. and also great if you are sharing a recipe. something i have personally wanted is something similar to the Flavor bible on an app . for example, you are cooking lobster tonight and you want to prepare it a little differently, so you type in lobster (or any other ingredient) into the app. and it would tell you other foods, or flavors that would go well with the lobster, like vanilla. and as someone said before, ratios would be awesome, like for stocks, breads, pie crust, ect.
rlchen • 01/04/2012
An app that converts recipe quantities (increasing them (doubling, tripling, or more) or cutting them (half, third quarter) with the press of one or two buttons and then lists the correct ingredients and their new quantities amounts required.
rlchen • 01/04/2012
An app that you input various recipes and the app generates 3 or 4 different plating options.
wasmith • 01/04/2012
Just for fun, how about a twitter basket? Send a tweet with a list of 3-5 ingredients. Everyone can come up with a dish using the ingredients and submit a photo and deion within 24 hours. Might be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.
rlchen • 01/04/2012
An app that helps with mise en place and step by step preparation, that also has voice prompts.
cboudreau • 01/05/2012
Well, I agree with chefwatson28. He beat me to those ideas:) In addition, it would be nice to have access to a forum so we can interact with one another or perhaps have access to the opinions of certain professionals who may be interested in participating. Also, it could function as a way to share our our own ideas or recipes and be able to upload photos of these. Thank you for the opportunity of acquiring Mercer productsI've been eyeing them for a long time now and they are not easily accessible in Canada... Ohplease release a blackberry app as wellThank you
tbarry • 01/05/2012
An app, that you look in your fridge,cupboard, enter on your app what you have and the app gives you recipies with only those things. For example you have chicken, evoo, capers, chives and lemon. I enter those 4 things and you come up with all these different recipies. I think this is brilliant, especially, if you come home from work, open the fridge and go blank. Also, I agree with whooper101 a food cost calculator
scannistra001 • 01/05/2012
How about QSR attached to product so we can see more about them. Steve C
mscott001 • 01/05/2012
An app for a grocery list and alternative ways to mix and match with other ingredients. A recipe converter would be great.
angelobj • 01/06/2012
- Mol-G Cheat sheet with things like, ratios, ph levels of common fruits and vegetables. - Online (mobile) Ordering/Account access
oweissen • 01/06/2012
2 ideas: 1) We type in ingredients (eg available ingredients we have in the kitchen/pantry)your app spits out recipes. If you want to get more specific, the app could ask us to specify a protein, a vegetable, 2 or 3 spices, an oil etc,we would fill in what we have available to us. Then your app would give us back a recipe option. 2) Measurement conversions for US to MetricMetric to US. And US dryliquid volume measurements. For example: (1 pint = 16 oz = 2 cups) or (1/4 cup = 4 Tbs = 2 fluid oz)
andrewlecky • 01/07/2012
I agree with some sort of metric conversion calculator or something along those lines. It would also be nice to have access to recipes from the website and be able to store your own. Have access to the cooking district newsletter and have a discussion board for the newsletters ? temperatures, cuts of meat ? And even maybe tr availability and growing seasons of foods, allowing cooks to know what's in season and what's not. link to twitter from the app as well. Love the cooking district and enjoy the read. Can't wait for the app to be ready.
bousley03 • 01/09/2012
When you're a day or two from shopping and need a meal with what's in the kitchen. Have a fill in area to give ideas on what to fix with what you have on hand.
gerrsbakery • 01/09/2012
I think the cost calculator idea is great. It would make life easier. Maybe have the ability to send the recipes, costing guide, and anything else you might want to print to your printer through WiFi. Have the ability to attach photos to recipes and also to change the measurements or instructions in a recipe we download. Being able to share what we changed with the Cooking District. The ability to share things to Facebook, twitter, blog or any other website. Calorie calculator would be nice, in CA you have to have the caloric information available. The substitution list would be good. Conversions would be nice as well. The ability to see when your getting low on an ingredient and then see who the supplier is, what you pay for it and the ability to email it to your computer. The ability to convert the recipe if you want to multiply the recipe/bakers percentages. Have the type of oven used on the recipes. I also like the idea rlchen had.
canderson • 01/10/2012
I think a classified ad section would be a helpful thing to have in here. Also, is there a way for others to advertise on the site? I just haven't seen anything about that.
haisoodewa • 01/10/2012
Wow-excellent ideas, thanks you all. Over the next week or two we'll be working through themwill let you know if we end up pursuing one of your ideas. Stay tuned■
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