Before & After: Food Presentation Makeovers |

Before & After: Food Presentation Makeovers

You’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. So after many decades of working in some 30 plus kitchens, one common scenario is to “makeover” a restaurants menu which is one of the key expertise that GigaChef Consulting has built our business on. We help to transition the everyday “before”, into eye pleasing and appetizing “after” presentations.

The mission of these opportunities is to make changes that are significant to the customer’s experience, but limit additional financial burden to the ownership in labor, food and operational costs. Creating a new look for your menu presentation is essential, so smart spending is crucial to the success of your new look. Investing in some interesting serving vessels or china for your offerings is key, and also necessary for your operations to be current in today’s market. So often the staff is forced to work with service ware that is outdated, inefficient and most often not the correct amount to accommodate quantities needed to support the amount of business or covers.

Why does this happen? This has been my number one question. When a client secures my services, this exact scenario comes into play. Nine times out of ten, they are shocked that no one in their facility has said or done anything to rectify this problem. The answer isn’t simple… usually the staff doesn’t feel empowered to make those decisions and doesn’t understand why the owners or upper management are not in tune and can’t recognize that help is needed. Lucky for me, that’s where I come in - I’m “Giga on the spot”. I have found over the years that as an outsider going into an F&B operation, I get the attention of the decision makers by recognizing their pain and needs. Business declining, profits are shrinking, staff turnover, health department issues and most importantly, customers aren’t happy!

You name the operational nightmare and I’ve lived it. The good news is, that with the right structure, processes, commitment and willingness to change by ownership and decision makers, positive results can and will happen.

Take a look at some of our before and after photos and see what a difference some simple tweaks can make!
Before-Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
After-Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
Before- Cheesecake
After- Cheesecake
Before-Condiment Table
After-Condiment Table
Before- Loaded Nachos
After-Loaded Nachos
Before- Seared Salmon
After-Seared Salmon
Before-Short Ribs
After-Short Ribs
Before-Derby Salad
After-Derby Salad
Before-Farmhouse Salad
After-Farmhouse Salad


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