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Kitchen Tech-Always Interesting

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Whether you're a professional chef or an avid home cook, new kitchen technology is always interesting. We mentioned the chocolate printer not so long ago, and I've come across a few other interesting ones since then.
Dug this up awhile ago- laser cut nori. Not sure how easy this is to work with, but it's certainly beautiful. I don't think you can easily purchase this stuff, but it's still an interesting bit of new kitchen tech nonetheless.
I also found some unique induction setups, and they take two different approaches. The first is strikingly beautiful-it has the undeniable accents of a vintage cooktop, however below the facade lies a very modern induction 4 'burner' setup. The second is undeniably modern, and with the new appearance comes new functionality. The cooktop is actually inhabited by an array of 48 inductors-this allows you to place cookware all across the cooking surface. The stove figures out where you pots are and controls the inductors accordingly, allowing you to position your pots in any configuration. The only drawback-it only allows up to 4 pots, though you can arrange them however you like.
Lastly for today is a carbonate-your-booze setup, the Perlini System by Perlage. There are other options for quickly carbonating liquids, though they all come with a disclaimer to only be used with water (clogging concerns). This system however avoids all clog issues. Watch an interesting video over on Gizmodo.
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