Use Rum Pearls to Spice Up Your Holiday Cocktails |

Use Rum Pearls to Spice Up Your Holiday Cocktails has a just shared a cool technique to serve your booze a little differently this holiday-in gelled pearl form. Now, they do label the finished product "rum caviar." While you can argue the verbiage, we usually reserve the term 'caviar' for a liquid with a gelled shell of sodium alginate, not agar agar as is used in this recipe. The main difference being that sodium alginate based caviars will remain liquid in the center if not left in their calcium bath for too long. These will be gelled all the way through.

But it's still a cool technique nonetheless and I highly recommend giving it a try. The technique directs you to gel an agar, rum, and sugar liquid over high heat, and then quickly cool small drops in very cold oil to create perfect little spheres. Strain the spheres out of the oil, give a quick rinse, and you'r ready to add them to your next cocktail. Check out the full DIY here and let us know in the comments if the recipe works out for you.
Source: MixThatDrink via LifeHacker


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