ROC National Releases Diners Guide 2012 |

ROC National Releases Diners Guide 2012

"Working with students from Tulane University and the University of California at Los Angeles, we asked restaurants about their practices with regard to:

a) wages for tipped and non-tipped workers

b) paid sick leave and other benefits

c) opportunities for workers to move up the ladder

We asked this information from all of our ‘high road’ restaurant partners in our eight current affiliate cities and from the top 150 highest revenue- grossing restaurants in America. Using the Restaurants & Institutions Top 400 list1, we identified the top 50 highest revenue-grossing restaurants in each of the industry’s three segments.

QUICK SERVE: fast food, delis, and any establishment without waiter service

CASUAL: full service restaurants with casual service

FINE DINING: higher-priced full-service restaurants. Some restaurants did not provide us with all requested information. If any of these restaurants–or any other in America–can provide us with this information, we would be happy to update the Guide."


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