Fun Diet Fad Leads to Norwegian Butter Shortage |

Fun Diet Fad Leads to Norwegian Butter Shortage

After a fat-rich diet craze swept the nation, Norway is experiencing a serious butter shortage. The Atkins-esque low carb trend has led to extremely high butter consumption. In addition to the high demand issues, they're also dealing with low supply. After an incredibly wet summer, the quality of the animal feed was very low….leading to poor milk production and then of course less butter. At the moment, a 250g block of butter is going for around $13. That's roughly 4 times the normal retail price.

Interestingly enough, even though the southern neighbors in Denmark have plenty of butter at the moment, taxes between the two countries are so high that it's still cheaper to pay the $13 per block price than truck it in via Sweden.

Source: Consumerist


leafstedt-erin • 12/14/2011
Do they need some butter?
bclarke001 • 12/21/2011
My kind of diet
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