Sumerian Beer, Summer Cheesing, And Chicken-Free Eggs |

Sumerian Beer, Summer Cheesing, And Chicken-Free Eggs

Photo by Lisa McLaughlin
The Winona Daily News visits Monroe, the Wisconsin home of stinky limburger cheese.

Chicken-free eggs? NPR looks at the vegetable-based egg substitute product that has grabbed the attention of high-tech investors like Bill Gates.

Culture magazine offers of 5 tips for successful summer cheesing.

A look at Vinegar Hill House in Edible Brooklyn.

The Los Angeles Times looks at a cookbook from legendary peach farmer Davis Mas Masumoto.

An Ohio brewery is recreating a 5,000-year-old Sumerian Beer using only clay pots in Business Insider.

The Kitchn hacks the perfect gin and tonic.

Questlove talks fried chicken in Paper.

Esquire calls for the end of tipping.

A report from Mesamérica at Fine Dining Lovers.


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