There's An App for That — And It's Ours! |

There's An App for That — And It's Ours!

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Even for those of us who know better, balanced eating doesn't always happen. Unless you carry around a food diary, keeping track of the correct amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains we eat each day can be complicated. And all best intentions aside, how many of us really keep a food diary? Enter My Daily Plate, our easy to use iPhone App which helps to monitor your daily nutritional goals and achievements.

Using the USDA’s new icon and guidelines, My Daily Plate offers an a quick, simple and kind of fun way to track your progress each day. At each meal simply tap to enter your food choices and watch as each section of the plate updates. When a section is completely filled in, you know you've reached your goals for that day. The plate resets at midnight. The App is new to the Apple iTunes store this week. Let us know what you think!


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