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Innovative Sugarworks

We are always in the lookout for products that help us work better and smarter, which is what makes our newest vendor Innovative Sugarworks such a great fit for the Cooking District store. These cake decorating tools are like nothing we've come across before — designed by cake artists to solve many of the problems that they faced in their daily decorating. The turntable expanders solve nearly every cake complaint we've ever had, and we are looking forward to moving cakes with the Cake Porters. The shaping tools are designed for maximum comfort and creativity and are ergonomically engineered to combat the injuries that come with the often repetitive work decorating calls for — why has no one ever thought of that before? And after we sat in on a recent demo given by celebrity pastry chef — and Innovative Sugarworks spokesperson —Kaysie Lackey we were truly inspired to attempt to replicate her techniques.

So for this week's Weekend Project we are planning to roll out some fondant and watch these videos from the Innovative Sugarworks YouTube page in which Kaysie uses the the Sugar Shapers to create her signature faux bois wedding cake. Watch their other cool instructional videos on YouTube and be sure to check out their Meet Your Maker profile on Cooking District next week.


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