Beer Cocktails: Pucker Up |

Beer Cocktails: Pucker Up

In honor of National Beer Day, we turned to Anne Becerra of New York City's Taproom 307.for this delicious beer cocktail. Becerra was the first woman in New York City to become a Certified Cicerone — or beer sommelier — and has worked at the helm of the biggest beer bars in Manhattan for the last six years, including Taproom 307, Blind Tiger, The Ginger Man, and The Pony Bar. This cocktail combines cucumber infused Hendrick's Gin, lemon/lime syrup, and a Belgian farmhouse ale. Meet the Pucker Up.
Pucker Up
2 oz Hendricks gin
1 oz Drink More Good Lemon/Lime syrup

Combine all ingredients and shake. Strain over ice into stemmed tulip glass. Fill to the top with Saison (Belgian farmhouse ale). Garnish with rosemary sprig or fresh herbs


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