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Toasted 4 Grain Risotto

Step 1
2 cups quinoa
2 cups bulghur wheat
2 cups barley
2 cups farro
2 gal vegetable stock • or as needed
4 each bay leaves
4 cup sautéed onions • small dice/light brown
1 cup lemon zest
2 cups parmesan cheese
1 lb butter
1/2 cup chives • chopped
1. Toast each grain (except quinoa) separately until a nutty aroma develops.

2. Cook each grain in stock separately according to suggested cooking time with one bay leaf.

3. Allow all grains to cool.

4. Mix grains together.

5. At pickup, heat 1 cup of mixed cooked grains with some of the sautéed onions, stock, and butter.

6. Gently cook until a risotto like consistency is reached.

7. Stir in lemon zest and chives.

8. Season to taste.
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