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Magret Duck with Apple Vinegar with Honey Recipe

Very good starting point for any DB preparation.
Step 1
4 piece Duck fillets
1 cup Sour cream
1 cup Bouillon
1 cl Apple vinegar with Honey (Gegenbauer)
Lightly score the skin of the duck breast, then season with salt.

Cook the breast slowly on the skin side to render the fat and cook the meat, then finish cooking on the opposite side. Take care not to overcook the duck breast.

Pour out the rendered fat and deglaze the pan with vinegar.

Add a glass of bouillon and simmer the sauce to reduce it.

Once it has reduced, mix the sauce with the sour cream off of the heat.

Place the duck on a hot plate and pour the sauce over it.

This dish can be served with sautéed potatoes, garlic, fresh parsley and fried apples.
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