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She’s Gotta Have It Cocktail

This cocktail was the winner of the Cognac Cocktail Competition for Tales of the Cocktail Cocktail Apprentices (CAPs) in 2012. The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) challenged CAPs to create a cocktail that appealed to a female audience. Ms. Marshall won the competition with her “She’s Gotta Have It” cocktail, which combines Cognac with Rosé wine syrup, Crème de Pêche Liqueur, lemon juice and sparkling rosé wine (see complete recipe below). The competition was judged by international spirits experts Dave Broom and Tristan Stephenson, along with Bridget Albert, Southern Wine & Spirits, IL Director of Mixology and Certified Cognac Educator, and Patricia Richards, Head Mixologist for Wynn & Encore Resorts and a panelist at the 2012 International Cognac Summit. Although designed with women in mind, “She’s Gotta Have It” is a refreshing and balanced cocktail that appeals to all Cognac drinkers—neophytes as well as connoisseurs. As Ms. Marshall explains, “I was longing to create an approachable Cognac cocktail that could be appreciated by all. On appealing specifically to women, I thought about the one thing what most women like to drink... Wine! So, I decided to incorporate a rosé in two forms: as a syrup and as a sparkling.”
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Step 1
2 oz • Cognac
1/2 oz • Rosé Wine Syrup
1/2 oz • Créme de Pêche Liqueur
3/4 oz • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 oz • Dry Sparkling Rosé Wine
Combine all ingredients, except Sparkling Wine, in a mixing glass or tin.

Shake gently with 3 Kold Draft cubes. (Do not shake for too long so as to avoid over-dilution.)

Pour contents into Wine Glass.

Fill glass with Scotsman pebble ice. Stir once to integrate.

Top with 1 oz Sparkling Rosé Wine.

Garnish: Ripe strawberry pieces and fresh mint

* To make 2-1 Rosé Wine Syrup:

Heat 8oz of good quality dry Rosé Wine in a saucepan. Reduce by approximately one-third. Measure the remainder of wine, then add twice that amount of granulated sugar. Return all ingredients to pan, and stir over low heat until sugar has dissolved. Let syrup cool.


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