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Chicken Marbella

Photo by elana's pantry
Categories: Entrees, Poultry
Photo by elana's pantry
Step 1
3 clove Garlic • minced
4.5 tbsp Pitted and halved prunes
8 piece Pitted green olives
8 piece Capers in Wine Vinegar • quartered
2 tbsp Plum seed oil
2 tbsp Blaufränkisch Auslese vinegar
2 Bay leaves
1 tbsp Dried oregano
Salt and pepper
In a medium bowl combine all these ingredient.

Mix well.
Step 2
1 piece 3.5 lb Chicken
Spread the mixture onto the bottom of a baking dish.

Add 1 chicken (ca. 3.5 lbs).

Remove skin and cut into pieces.

Stir and turn to coat.

Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Step 3
4 tbsp Brown sugar
4 tbsp White wine
Preheat oven to 350 °F.

Remove dish from refrigerator.

Sprinkle 4 tbsp of brown sugar on top of it.

Pour 4 tbsp of White wine all around the chicken.

Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour, spooning juices over chicken several times as it is baking.

Serve on a platter, pouring juices over the top, and garnish with fresh parsley.


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