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Mango Chutney

Photo by Hedonistin
Categories: Chutney, Preserves, Spreads
Photo by Hedonistin
Step 1
6 tbsp sour cherry vinegar
3 tbsp jqmes apple balsamic vinegar
Mix 6 tbsp of sour cherry vinegar with:

3 tbsp of James Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Heat the liquid without bringing it to a boil.
Step 2
1 cup sugar-candy
1 piece mango • ripe, diced
1 cup raisins • diced
1 pinch cinnamon
1 pinch all-spice
 james apple balsamic vinegar
Dissolve 1 cup of Sugar-Candy in the hot liquid and add:

1 ripe diced mango

1 cup of diced raisins

1 pinch cinnamon

1 pinch all-spice

Let the mixture simmer for 15 minutes

Season to your liking with James Balsamic Vinegar

Fill the mixture into jars (like marmalade)


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