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Cranberry BBQ Burnt Ends Turkey & Stuffing Sandwich

Categories: Poultry, Sandwiches
Step 1
• Leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing
• Sourdough sliced bread
1 tbsp • Butter (per two slices)
1 tbsp • Canola Oil (per two slices)
The leftover turkey (approximately 1/2-1 cup of turkey per sandwich) is paired with equal ratios of cranberry sauce and a favorite BBQ sauce (quantity determined by your liking), combine and mix in with the turkey. Broil in the oven to caramelize for five minutes in 450 degree F oven (hence-“burnt ends”) on a large baking sheet lined with heavy duty foil and sprayed with cooking spray. Broil until it is crispy, approximately 5-7 minutes, keeping your eye on it. Set aside and keep warm.

In the meantime, crisp up the leftover stuffing in a clean, non-stick frying pan, to lightly toast it. Keep warm and set aside. Using the same frying pan, wipe out pan that had the stuffing, add butter and oil and brown the sourdough bread slices. Place the bread on a serving plate, spread extra cranberry and BBQ sauce on the bread bottom, add the crisped stuffing, then spoon the burnt ends on top, with the remaining piece of bread on top. Cut in half and enjoy with a side salad! Options: Add some shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack on top of one slice of toasted bread while in the frying pan to melt.


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