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Paprika Sauce

Photo by joannova, a/k/a foodalogue
Categories: Sauces
Photo by joannova, a/k/a foodalogue
Step 1
1 each Onion • small diced
2 clove Garlic • crushed
1 tbsp Paprika smoked
3 tbsp Paprika sweet
In a medium hot pan, fry the onions & garlic to light brown.

Add the paprikas and cook for 5 minutes.
Step 2
1.5 qt Chicken velouté, light brown
Add the veloute & simmer 30 minutes, puree & strain.
Step 3
1 tbsp Sour cream
Add sour cream at service per order to finish.


roshanmangar123 • 02/24/2015
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