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Italian Cheesecake 2

Photo by mhaithaca
Categories: Cheese, Desserts, Italian
Photo by mhaithaca
Step 1
24 oz Cream Cheese
24 oz Impastata Cheese
20 oz Granulated sugar
Cream together cheese and sugar.
Step 2
1 pt Sour Cream
Add in sour cream, mix to incorporate.
Step 3
1 qt Whole Eggs
4 each Lemon Zest
Add in eggs slowly until incorporated. Citron or chocolate shavings may be folded in for flavoring.
Step 4
2 oz Cornstarch
Add in at the end to finish, then pour into nut dusted molds or short dough that has been blind baked , bake at 350F low fan until set about 50 min to 1 hour.


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