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Fish Fumet

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Step 1
1/4 lb butter
5 lb bones
NOTE: The rack bones must be well washed in frigid water, cut into 2-3" pcs, given a salt wash of 2T:1Qt ratio for 5 minutes & rinsed again in frigid water, then allowed to drain well. The heads must be split, the eyes & gills removed, then washed as noted.
Step 2
6 oz leeks • md dc
4 oz mushrooms • md dc
2 oz celery • md dc
2 oz fennel • md dc
Seize & lightly color the bones in butter, add vegetables & sweat them.
Step 3
1 pt white wine
Add wine & reduce by 1/2.
Step 4
6 qt water
4 each parsley stems
1 tbsp black peppercorn
6 each juniper • toast
pinch mace • toast
Add water & seasoning, simmer 45 minutes. Strain and quickly cool.


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