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Orange Vinaigrette

Photo by Food Loves Writing
Categories: Dressings, Vinaigrettes
Photo by Food Loves Writing
Step 1
1 pt orange juice
2 tbsp orange juice concentrate
Reduce to 1/2 cup. Cool.
Step 2
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp shallot • fine diced
.5 tsp coriander
.5 tsp black pepper-ground
2 oz white wine vinegar
Puree with orange syrup in a food processor.
Step 3
2 oz extra-virgin olive oil
With food processor on low speed, slowly add oil to emulsify.
Step 4
1 tsp thyme - fresh • fresh
1 tsp chives • fresh
1 tsp basil • fresh
Stir into vinaigrette.


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