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Rice Pudding

This is a great style of rice pudding, very different and really delicious.
Categories: Desserts
Step 1
1 qt milk
4 oz sugar
4 each egg
4 oz sugar
3 oz cornstarch
2 oz butter
Pastry Cream

Bring milk and sugar to boil.

Mix eggs, sugar and starch.

Pour hot milk over mixture, return to pan and cook until thick.

Finish with butter, chill quickly.
Step 2
2 qt milk
8 oz arborio
4 oz sugar
4 each vanilla • split beans
Simmer all until rice is tender. Chill in the milk.
Step 3
24 oz heavy cream • whipped
3 oz powdered sugar
4 oz orange marmalade
4 oz dried cherries • chopped a bit
1 recipe rice • from above
24 oz pastry cream
Fold all together and chill well before service.


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