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Corn & Langoustine Fritters

Photo by sleepyneko
Categories: Fish, Seafood
Photo by sleepyneko
Step 1
4 lb corn-niblets, frozen • coarse chopped
Defrost corn completely, squeeze liquid out and pulse in Robot Coupe.
Step 2
20 eggs
2 cups lemon juice • freshly squeezed
Pour lemon juice, eggs and corn from step 1 into mixer and combine.
Step 3
3.5 tbsp garlic, fresh • minced
4 cups parmesan • grated
1 bunch parsley, fresh • chopped
4 cups red bell pepper • small dice
4 cups scallion • diced
5 bunch cilantro, fresh • chopped
6 lb langoustines • squeezed and chopped
2 lb pepper jack cheese • grated
2.5 tsp cayenne • ground
6.5 tbsp baking powder
Add vegetables, seafood, cheese, spices and baking powder. Mix well.
Step 4
10 oz flour
 whole milk • as needed
Add flour in stages to obtain fritter batter consistency. Use milk to thin if necessary.
Step 5
Use eyeball scoop as portion and deep fry to golden brown
Step 6
Pack on sheet pans with parchment paper and freezer dots!


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