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Duck Leg Daube

Categories: Game
Primary Method: Braising
32 piece
Prep Time:
5 hours
Portion Size:
1 piece
Step 1
16 each Duck Legs • Season
8 oz Duck fat • Heat
On medium flame brown the seasoned legs until they are golden. Hold legs until step 3
Step 2
2 each Onion-Spanish • Lg dice
3 each Carrots • rondelle
4 tbsp Tomato paste
Dry mustard
Brown the onions and carrots to golden then add the paste and cook 5 minutes. Making sure there is enough fat to fry the paste and develop the carmelization.
Step 3
3 stalk Celery • 1/4" slice
1 head Fennel • 1/4" slice
16 each Duck Legs • Browned
1 lb Bacon
375 mL Chardonnay
Duck stock • to cover half
Add the celery & fennel, saute clear. Add the duck legs, bacon and wine only half way up the legs. ***The pan used should be large enough to facilitate one layer of the legs***

Cover the whole and simmer until the legs are just tender. Remove from cooking vessel and chill.


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